Fischer Panda Marine AC 5000

Fischer Panda Marine AC Mini 9 DP

When you need a more power than our Fischer Panda Mini 8, with minimal size and weight change our powerful Fischer Panda 9 DP is the ideal choice.

The Fischer Panda 9 DP diesel generator with our  freshwater-cooledAsynchronous  electrical end matched with the Kubota Z602 twin-cylinder diesel engine enables the Fischer Panda 9 DP generator to produce up to 75 amps at 120 volts.

The Fischer Panda 9 DP comes standard with our technically advanced Voltage Control System (VCS), which stabilizes voltage within a range of plus/minus 3 volts.

Fischer Panda Marine Generator Digital Panel (DP) feature a smart panel diagnostics system that continuously monitors all functions.

At only 365lbs and with a noise level rating of 54 dBa @ 7 meters the Fischer Panda 9 DP is ideal for larger sailboats and powerboats.

Fischer Panda Diesel Marine Generators are Ignition protected for gas boat applications.