Fischer Panda Marine AC 5000

AGT4000 PVMV-N Mobile DC Generator/APU

The AGT4000 DC generator/APU includes state of the art permanent technologies, the super quiet signature of all Fischer Panda generators and our auto start/stop functions ensuring the power needed for the mission. If requested, this product can be supplied with CANbus communication.

Features Include:

  • 59 dBa at 7 meters
  • External control panel can be mounted inside vehicle
  • Auto Stop/Start
  • Emergency automatic shutdown for low oil pressure, high coolant, windings & oil temp, short circuit overload
  • Manual emergency stop switch and battle short switch
  • Liquid-cooled muffler
  • A reduced heat signature due to the Fischer Panda liquid-cooled exhaust muffler and the complete encapsulation of the generator
  • EMI Hardened

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Military AGT 4000PVM- N