Combined Generator-ECUs and ECUs

Combined Generators and Environmental Control Units and Specialized Environmental Control Units

Fischer Panda has the capability of meeting the customer’s needs when it comes to designing and building ECUs.

In one case, the customer wanted to put the generator and the ECU in the tunnel and we were able to deliver the prototype in 6 months. It is a 10kW single phase generator and the 2-ton ECU on the same framework, yet the ECU is able to operate from either generator or shore power.

In another case, the customer had a mobile lab which tested fuel samples and needed to be able to purge the interior air supply of their shelter prior to technicians entering. We designed in the purge feature and we were also able to make the 6-ton ECU NBC ready.

Military DC-AGT 4000PVMV-N

Military 10KW 60Hz and ECU Combo Single Phase

100% Liquid-Cooled

Military DC-AGT 5000PE-150N

Military ECU 7200