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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Fischer Panda been in business?2020-08-08T18:19:18+00:00

The Fischer Panda® brand has been around since 1985 and Fischer Panda in the USA has been in business since 1995.

How can I reach Fischer Panda USA?2020-08-08T18:22:13+00:00

We can be reached Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm at 954-462-2800 or (800) 509-6494 or by email at Sales@fischerpanda.com.

What range of generators does Fischer Panda offer?2020-08-08T18:25:27+00:00

Fischer Panda USA offers Marine, Specialty Vehicle and Military generators.

  • Our standard marine line is 5kw -15kw and is available in 50hz or 60hz. We also offer DC generators starting at 5kw. If you need larger, please contact us, we have the ability to build up to 200kw.
  • Our Specialty Vehicle generator generators are offered in both AC and DC and start at 6kw. Please contact us for more information on our vehicle generator options.
  • Our Military generators come in both AC and DC specifications. Sizing is usually project specific and will be provided by our Military Sales Department when project requirements are made available.
Where do I find the serial number for my Fischer Panda generator?2020-08-08T18:26:24+00:00

Your serial number is located on the service side of your generator. It can be either stamped directly or on a black plate.

How do I purchase a Fischer Panda generator?2020-08-08T18:28:32+00:00

Call our sales department and we will walk you through the process and ensure you get the best service available. We can be reached at 954-462-2800 or (800) 509-6494.

How can I get information about a Fischer Panda product?2020-08-08T18:32:26+00:00

There are quite a few ways to get information – You can contact one of our qualified and experienced dealers – click here to find one near you. You can also find a lot of information on this web site – check the specific category and all the down-loads as well as the FAQs. You can go to our Contact Us page and complete a form and submit to us electronically.  Or you can call our customer service department at Toll-free: (800) 508-6494.

Where can I get Warranty information on my Fischer Panda product?2022-04-30T19:48:19+00:00

Click here for details of our Warranty.

Can you please send me literature on Fischer Panda Products?2020-08-08T18:41:55+00:00

Please click here and complete the form or you can call us at 954-462-2800 or 1-800-508-6494

Where can I get Fischer Panda service center/dealer information?2020-08-08T18:43:46+00:00

Click here for a list of our broad network of qualified dealers, or Contact Fischer Panda Generators for assistance at 954-462-2800 or 1-800-508-6494

Where do I get parts or service for my Fischer Panda generator?2020-08-08T18:49:03+00:00

We have a worldwide service dealer network with factory trained technicians that are ready to assist you with whatever you need.   If a dealer is unable to assist you with parts you can call our parts department at 954-462-2800 or 1-800-508-6494, or email parts@fischerpanda.com.

What information is needed to answer a service or parts question for my Fischer Panda generator?2020-08-08T18:50:11+00:00

In order to ensure we provide you with the best possible service, please have the following information ready when you call:

  1. Generator model and size
  2. Generator Serial Number
  3. Date [year] of purchase
  4. Symptoms/Problems
How can I find out about pricing and availability of Fischer Panda Generators and parts?2020-08-08T18:50:54+00:00

For Generators email sales@fischerpanda.com, and for parts email parts@fischerpanda.com

Are specification sheets available for your equipment?2020-08-08T18:54:05+00:00

Yes – please click here for specification sheets.

I have a gasoline powered boat – can I put a diesel generator on board?2020-08-08T19:02:34+00:00

Yes – however the diesel generator must be ignition protected and US Coast Guard approved. Always check with your insurance company to make sure they have no objections.

How do I figure out the correct generator size for my boat?2020-08-08T19:03:26+00:00

Please call our sales department at 954-462-2800 or email sales@fischerpanda.com and we will assist you sizing a generator for your boat

How do I know what engines/generator model I have?2020-08-08T19:10:03+00:00

The date plate on the electrical end of your generator show the model type. Also, if you call our service department with the generator serial number we will have the information in our system.

How do I exercise my diesel generator if it’s not used regularly?2020-08-08T18:55:10+00:00

It is advised to start your generator at least once a month and apply load to at least 50% of its rated output for at least one hour.

What type of oil should I use in my Fischer Panda or Universal engine/generator?2020-08-08T18:55:46+00:00

We recommend the use of 15w40 with a diesel application.

I have a Fischer Panda engine/generator and need to know the correct amount of oil for my unit and the recommended oil change intervals?2020-08-08T18:56:32+00:00

Consult your Operator’s Manual or sales literature to confirm the oil capacity for your particular model. Fischer Panda recommends the oil and filter are changed every 100 hours of operation or once every season, whichever occurs first.

How do I winterize my Fischer Panda diesel engine/generator?2020-08-08T18:58:08+00:00

We recommend that the generator fresh water circuit first be tested to assure that it can be left to withstand –30F (change or bring to this level accordingly) and the raw water side be flushed thoroughly with fresh water for at least 15 minutes, then non-toxic antifreeze run through this system accordingly. Treat the fuel system.

Can I use synthetic oil in my engine?2020-08-08T18:59:21+00:00

The use of synthetic oil is not recommended until after 500 hours break-in has been performed using conventional oil. Thereafter use of synthetic oils is at the discretion of the owner. Oil change intervals must be as listed in the MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE section in the Operator’s Manual and will not be extended if synthetic oils are used.

When I winterize my generator, should I use propylene glycol or ethylene glycol anti-freeze in the raw water system?2020-08-08T19:00:14+00:00

The use of non-toxic antifreeze is recommended, preferably one with an ethylene glycol base.

When is the scheduled maintenance for my Fischer Panda marine diesel generator, and what should be done?2020-08-08T19:01:49+00:00

.   The details for scheduled maintenance can be found in the Owner’s manual on pages 19 to 24. The CHECKLIST FOR 35 HOURS must be filled out by the service dealer. First copy should stay with the generator. The owner should send second copy immediately after service to Fischer Panda Generators LLC. The CHECKLIST FOR EVERY 100 HOURS recommended inspections should stay with generator. A copy may be required to verify maintenance for warranty purposes.

What causes white smoke out of the exhaust?2020-08-08T19:13:00+00:00

White smoke can be used by either coolant in the exhaust or an unresponsive cylinder. Gray smoke is usually caused by light loading. Blue smoke is either oil or unburned diesel fuel and that usually leaves a very distinctive sheen on the water (marine application only) Black smoke is a result of overload.

What are some causes of excessive fuel consumption?2020-08-08T19:13:30+00:00

Light loading is the primary reason.

I replaced my sea water pump impeller and one of the blades was missing. Where could it have gone?2020-08-08T19:16:14+00:00

It is most likely trapped in the heat exchanger.

Why is an exhaust–water-separator unit recommended in the exhaust system?2020-08-08T19:16:51+00:00

The water/gas separator has an input for the exhaust mixed with sea water and an output both for water and for dry exhaust. The water/gas separator splits your mixed exhaust water giving you a dry exhaust which can be exited above waterline and a wet discharge of cooling water that can be brought out below waterline or just above. The water/gas separator eliminates the noisy exhaust splash outside your boat resulting in a much quieter installation and friendly sounding exhaust.

For a trouble shooting flow chart for marine generators2020-07-11T19:33:20+00:00

Please click here.

For more detailed information on specific marine generators click here

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