A Powerful 25KW Disel Generator

At Fischer Panda, we provide military-grade diesel generators that are powerful, quiet, efficient and lightweight. With our SST 25, a 25 KW diesel generator, you can service serious power needs when on the move during a military operation. With a variable speed Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) design, these generators maximize power and efficiency in both 120/280V 60 hertz and 230/400v 50 hertz configurations. The SST 25 has a power rating of 25KW @ 0.8pf, and a Kobota turbo charger diesel 4 cylinder that can supply continuous power at peak efficiency for the diesel generator market.

These systems are 100 percent fresh water cooled, and offer a compact size for easy storage.

A Compact, Lightweight Unit

There are three main factors to remember when choosing a military generator: Power, size and weight. With our SST 25KW diesel generator, you will get some of the highest power levels available, in a package compact and light enough to bring to various off-the-grid sites. These units are designed with to fit just about anywhere, without taking up space needed for passengers and cargo. With the light weight design, you can also ensure the performance impact is minimal when moving the unit.

All the Power You Need

For many military uses, the SST 25KW diesel generator from Fischer Panda is the perfect solution. If you are unsure whether this unit can provide the amount of power you require, our team is standing by to discuss the specifics and help you make the most informed decision possible.

Contact us today at 1-877-740-0964, or visit our website to check out our inventory. We are sure to have something perfect for your needs.