DC Liquid-Cooled Generators/Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

Fischer Panda DC generators enhance vehicle systems with powerful charging capabilities and enabling silent running. The AGT5000 PE-150N Series, for example, is perfect for automatically maintaining battery systems onboard M113 and M577 tracked vehicles. Fischer Panda has DC APUs in use on a number of other vehicles among which include the LAV, AAV and M88.

Military DC-AGT 4000PVMV-N

Military DC AGT4000PVMV-N

100% Liquid-Cooled

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Military DC-AGT 5000PE-150N

Military DC AGT5000PE-150N

100% Liquid-Cooled

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A Mobile Diesel Generator for Military Vehicles

Whether your operation requires an AAV APU or LAV vehicle APU, Fischer Panda offers a quiet diesel generator suitable for military-grade power demands. We take great pride in manufacturing quality military generators that provide the efficient, reliable power required for mobile operations. Our generators are lightweight, compact and exceptionally quiet.

Designed For Military Vehicles

With a solid construction, compact and efficient size, and minimal noise production, Fischer Panda diesel generators are built for use in military applications. Operating at 59 dBa at 7 meters, these generators can be put to use even in covert operations, providing essential power without compromising the mission. Being compact in size and weight, our generators will have minimal effect on the vehicle’s cargo capacity or performance.

High Levels of Efficiency

When choosing a mobile diesel generator, it is important to remember both performance and efficiency. With a high performance, efficient generator from Fischer Panda, your generator will likely not need refueling, even if the mission goes longer than expected. efficient military generator from Fischer Panda, units operate at cooler temperatures with higher voltage efficiency, allowing continuous use throught the day with minimal energy waste.

With a staff of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians, Fischer Panda will ensure every customer finds the exact generator for their needs. We also offer technical support for your generators over the phone and in person.

If you are looking to upgrade your fllet, contact Fischer Panda today at 1-877-740-0964, or visit our website to check out our inventory. We are sure to have something perfect for your needs.