DC Liquid-Cooled Generators/Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

Fischer Panda DC generators enhance vehicle systems with powerful charging capabilities and enabling silent running. The AGT5000 PE-150N Series, for example, is perfect for automatically maintaining battery systems onboard M113 and M577 tracked vehicles. Fischer Panda has DC APUs in use on a number of other vehicles among which include the LAV, AAV and M88.

Military DC-AGT 4000PVMV-N

Military DC AGT4000PVMV-N

100% Liquid-Cooled

Military DC-AGT 5000PE-150N

Military DC AGT5000PE-150N

100% Liquid-Cooled

Military Auxiliary Power Unit

The military utilizes mobile power sources in various situations where traditional methods are not feasible. At Fischer Panda, we offer military DC generators and more to ensure you always have the power you need, wherever you need it. These generators are safe to run inside military vehicles and facilities, and will provide reliable power you can count on, no matter the situation. Our liquid-cooled generators fit in smaller spaces, allowing mobile applications to have ample power on-board, without sacraficing valuable cargo space.

Get a Mobile Diesel APU

A military auxiliary power unit is essential for having a power supply in romote locations. With features such as a moutable control panel, auto stop start and an emergency shut down feature, Fischer Panda’s military DC generator helps further equip your mobile equipment significantly. With a decible rating of 59 dBa at 7 meters, you can also trust our generators are quiet enough to use even on covert operations.

For Use on Various Military Vehicles

Our mobile diesel APU is suitable for a variety of military vehicles, including LAV, AAV and M88 models. Our generators are efficient, allowing you to easily maintain the appropriate level of power to run all of the necessary equipment throughout the day. A military auxiliary power unit is an essential element for the operation of any military vehicle.

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