Fischer Panda Generators and APUs for Military Applications

Established in 1995, Fischer Panda Generators is a growing, innovative business focusing on providing Power Solutions for Mobile Defense applications. Fischer Panda has provided a variety of generators to the US Government as well as US defense contractors.

With ease of maintenance in mind, Fischer Panda has designed a diverse selection of diesel power solutions, meeting a wide range of MIL-STD requirements especially concerning EMI levels and IR signatures, exhaust emissions and operating sound levels. Custom designed generators to meet mission requirements can be developed by our professional and qualified engineering staff.

Fischer Panda Design

Fischer Panda has a  comprehensive internal design engineering staff which is highly qualified and experienced in unique and custom designs.  In addition, we also have full support of the engineering staff of the  manufacturing facility of Fischer Panda GmbH in Paderborn, Germany. Fischer Panda is fully export compliant and is registered with the US State Department.

Fischer Panda Technical Service and Support

Fischer Panda  US is fully staffed with qualified and experienced engineers as well as highly trained technicians to ensure customer assistance should the need arise.  In most cases, our support team is able to resolve issues via phone and/or email/photos by interacting with the technician.

Sample of Platforms Using Equipment we Manufacture:

Trojan Spirit

MBL 47

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A Sample of Customers Integrating Equipment we Manufacture

Fischer Panda Military Generator
Fischer Panda Military Generator
Fischer Panda Military Generator
Fischer Panda Military Generator

DC Liquid-Cooled Generators

Military DC-AGT 4000PVMV-N
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AC Liquid-Cooled Generators

Military SST 10kW Single Phase
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Combined Generator & ECUs

Military SST 10kW Single Phase
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Unique and Diverse Design Capabilities

Military SST 10kW Single Phase
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Other World Wide Applications

Military SST 10kW Single Phase
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Custom Designed Military Generators

For military professionals looking for compact, quiet and light military generators, Fischer Panda is a trusted source. Stocking a variety of AC liquid cooled and DC liquid cooled military generators, we also offer our clients custom designed military generators for a variety of unique power and ergonomic demmands. It is our goal to offer the military mobile generators our warfighters rely on.

Small Size and Quiet Operation

In almost all mobile military operations, space can be extremely limited. In order to efficien