Fischer Panda Marine AC 5000

Fischer Panda Marine 8 Mini DP

When you need a more power than our Fischer Panda 6500, with minimal size and weight change our powerful Fischer Panda 8 Mini DP is the ideal choice.

The Fischer Panda 8 Mini DP diesel generator with our  freshwater-cooledAsynchronous  electrical end matched with the Kubota Z482 twin-cylinder diesel engine enables the Fischer Panda 8 mini DP generator to produce up to 75 amps at 120 volts.

At only 350lbs and with a noise level rating of 52 dBa @ 7 meters the Fischer Panda 8 mini DP is ideal for larger sailboats and powerboats.

Fischer Panda Diesel Marine Generators are Ignition protected for gas boat applications.

  • Advanced digital control panel provides extensive performance and diagnostic data
  • Less weight, size and noise
  • Extremely quiet (52dba@7meter)
  • Safety shutdowns for all critical functions
  • Self protected against overload
  • VCS electronic governor provides excellent voltage stability
  • Direct driven fresh water-cooled Asynchronous Alternator
  • Ignition protected for gas boat applications
  • Gear driven raw water pump
  • Robust twin cylinder Kubota diesel engine
  • Comes standard with an auto-start feature and NMEA2000
  • Comes complete with harnesses, remote control panel, sound enclosure and remote fuel lift pump
  • 5 Year limited warranty
Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage 240V/120V
Current Max. 31.0A/62.0A
Peak Output 7.4 kW
Continuous Output 6.7 kW
Engine Type Kubota/Z482
Cylinders 2/8.8 hp
Displacement 479 cm/
Cooling H/E
Dimensions (LWH) 23×17×22 in.
Weight (Wet) 350 lbs
Noise Level 52 dBa @ 7 m

Digital Control Panel
Digital panel (DP) generators feature a smart panel diagnostics system that continuously monitors all functions and the performances of the engine and generator.


Sound Shield
With the need for cooling airflow eliminated, Fischer Panda generators can be encapsulated in a three-piece insulated fiberglass sound shield (or aluminum, standard in models 16 kW and larger) to seal off offensive sound.

MountMotor Mounts
External Soft Motor Mounts for extra smooth operation.

Siphon LoopVented Loop
(anti-syphon valve) Recommended for all installations. Prevents water from siphoning back to the engine and minimizes potential electrolysis. Made with a stainless steel tube and nylon valve for long life and easy service.

Gas SeperatorGas Separator
Exhaust water separator provides very low back pressure and extra quiet exhaust noise.

Low Profile Muffler
Low Profile MufflerLow inlet muffler for installations where the muffler cannot be installed lower than the genset.

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Due to our continual product development, we reserve the right to alter any specifications without warning. All ratings refer to air and water temperature of 20°. De-rating at 1% approx. every 100m altitude and 2% approx. every 5°C air-temperature above 20°C and 2% approx. every 1°C water-temperature above 20°C.