Marine Generators for Large Boats and Yachts

If you are hitting the water in a large boat or yacht, many of the power demands on board will not be solved by just a few plug-ins. For serious and reliable on-board power, you need a compact marine generator from Fischer Panda. One of the leading marine generator manufacturers, Fischer Panda offers a variety of small marine generators with compact, lightweight designs. A water cooled marine generator will offer you ample power for hours at a time, allowing you to enjoy full days on the water without interuption. All of our diesel generators are ignition protected, and can fit seamlessly near the engine or in under-cabin areas.

Many Compact, Efficient Models to Choose From

While other marine generator manufacturers may build an acceptable generator for some, few combine the compact size, lightweight design and exceptionally quiet operation like Fischer Panda. By utilizing a Kubota Z482 twin-cylinder diesel engine in many of our generators, we can manufacture highly efficient, fresh water cooled generators that provide better power for longer than our competition. Our on-board compact marine generators produce between 58 and 120 amps at up to 120 volts.

Voltage Control System and Water Cooling

Two big contributing factors to Fischer Panda generator’s high levels of efficiency are the voltage control system and the fresh water cooling system. By utilizing a voltage control system, we allow our generators to stabilize the voltage by up to +/- 3 volts. This can help eliminate much of the energy loss, and ensure your power supply runs as smoothly as possible. Additionally, many of our small marine generators utilize a fresh water cooling system, allowing no loss in efficiency from excessive heat and keeping operations at safe temperatures.

If you are looking to upgrade your marine power set up, contact us today at 1-800-462-6494, or visit our website to check out our inventory. We are sure to have a compact marine generator perfect for your needs.

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