Marine Product Registration

Thank you for purchasing a Fischer Panda product. Completing the Product Registration Form for your new generator is an important first step in protecting your investment.

Why should I register my product?

  • Fischer Panda requires, as a prerequisite to warranty coverage, that the original owner fully complete the registration form and submit it to Fischer Panda.
  • Safety: Registering your product will enable us to contact you in the unlikely event a safety notification is required.
  • Warranty Service: Registering your product will expedite the process to obtain warranty service.

If you prefer to register using a printed form, please use the registration card provided with your product.

A detailed warranty statement outlining coverage on your particular product is included in the documentation package that is shipped with every engine, generator and climate control system. Thanks again for choosing Fischer Panda!

Click here to download details of the Fischer Panda Marine Generator Warranty.

Important Note: Please use only genuine Fischer Panda replacement parts and accessories. Non-genuine parts and accessories can compromise your Fischer Panda product, jeopardize your safety and may void your warranty.

This Registration Form officially entitles the owner to the Limited Warranty for FISCHER PANDA GENERATORS. No other warranties, expressed or implied are valid for FISCHER PANDA GENERATORS.

This Registration Form must be completed by the owner of the product.
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(Retain copy of bill of sale to verify