Military SST 18kW

100% Fresh Water-Cooled

The Fischer Panda SST 18kW incorporates all of the experience gathered while operating at 110 degrees Fahrenheit and 6800 feet of altitude in Afghanistan. The mainstay of the Fischer Panda SST series of generators, the SST 18kW is compact, efficient and bears the trademark of all Fischer Panda generators, super silence. At 57 decibels at 7 meters the Fischer Panda SST 18kW is the quietest generator you will never hear. In addition, the Fischer Panda is the only completely water-cooled asynchronous generator available in the United States, that water cools both the engine and the alternator.

With its compact design, fewer moving parts, perfect rotor balance, a sealed long life stator and nearly perfect sine wave, the SST 18kW is a perfect fit for your 788 shelter application. The SST 18kW is so light and compact that it can even be mounted in a twin unit configuration on a HMT trailer system.