Pompano Beach, FL – Added this week to Fischer Panda’s standard line of innovative fresh water cooled generators is the Fischer Panda 6500 AC marine generator— the most powerful 6kW marine generator on the market today.

Powered by the reliable twin cylinder Kubota diesel engine and Fischer Panda’s superior asynchronous water-cooled generator end, the Fischer Panda 6500 also features the new VCS (Voltage Control Stability) system enabling the generator to produce up to 54 amps (6.5kW) of continuous stable AC power and a peak of 58 amps (7.0kW).

The fuel-efficient 6500 AC, according to Chad Godwin, Director of Sales and Marketing for Fischer Panda U.S., will target the 30’-plus marine powerboat and 36’-plus sailboat markets. Godwin said the 6500 has shown to be on average 30-40% more fuel efficient than a comparative sized gas marine generator, while producing more amperage than any other 6 kW generator currently on the market.

Product advantages include:

  • Robust twin cylinder Kubota diesel engine
  • Direct driven water-cooled asynchronous alternator
  • VCS electronic governor provides excellent voltage stability
  • Self-protected against overload
  • Gear driven raw water pump
  • Extremely quite (52dba@7meters)
  • Less weight, size and noise
  • Ignition protection for gas powered boats
  • Comes complete with harnesses, remote panel, sound enclosure and remote fuel lift pump
  • Safety shutdowns for all critical functions
  • 5-Year limited warranty

In addition to the new 6500, Fischer Panda offers six other standard AC generators including the PMS 4200 Plus, PMS 6000, PMS 8 Mini-DP, PMS 12 Mini-DP, PMS16 DP and PMS 22 DP. Fischer Panda also has two standard DC generators—AGT 4000 and AGT 6000.

Through its standard line of innovative water cooled generators– ranging from 4 kW to 22 kW– Fischer Panda Generators U.S. has provided hundreds of solutions for both sail and powerboat manufacturers and owners throughout America and beyond.

Fischer Panda Generators employs the latest in German engineering to manufacture the smallest, lightest, quietest and most efficient marine diesel generators in the world. Many consider Fischer Panda Generators to be the most advanced marine generator systems ever produced.

Fischer Panda’s DP designated generators feature a remote “smart panel” diagnostic system that will continuously monitor performance, alerting captains and owners to general maintenance, adjustment and troubleshooting issues.

As the only true 100% water cooled asynchronous generators on the market, Fischer Panda stands apart from the competition. No other cooling system is more
efficient. The Fischer Panda generator can cool the stator winding with nearly 100% efficiency due to the unique design of the asynchronous rotor that has no windings, no brushes or diodes. A conventional synchronous generator, on the other hand, can never achieve this level of efficiency because the rotor windings are cooled with air. That same air is very hot and transfers considerable noise. The air also carries humidity and dirt into the windings, which increases the resistance and thereby reduces electrical output.

About Fischer Panda
In 1978 in Germany, Fischer Generators developed the quietest diesel generator in the world. That trend towards small, quiet and super efficiency was to continue, and in 1988, Fischer Generators added “Panda” to its brand and introduced its proprietary and water-cooled, asynchronous electric plant. Fischer Panda U.S., which began operations in 1995, is located at 4345 NE 12 Terrace in Oakland Park, Florida. For more information, please call 954-462-2800 or access the company’s web site at www.fischerpanda.com.