Pompano Beach, FL – Textron Marine & Land Systems has again opted to order and install the Panda 12 Mini DP marine generator in its 47-foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB).

The Panda 12 Mini DP, powered by the reliable water-cooled Kubota D722 three-cylinder diesel engine, is the generator package selected for the latest MLB, a rugged, highly survivable, all-aluminum rescue boat. Textron Marine & Land Systems’ customers, with products ranging from the Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) to the armored Security Vehicle (ASV), include the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, as well as numerous foreign governments and militaries.

The 47-foot MLB design combines many technological innovations, making it faster than its predecessors.  The lightweight, rugged marine-grade aluminum hull can withstand impacts from 20-foot breaking waves at three times the force of gravity. The MLB design has an inherent self-righting capability.  When pitch-poled or rolled into swells, the MLB will self-right in less than 10 seconds—with all machinery fully operational.

Textron Marine & Land Systems’ most recent order calls for six Panda 12 Mini DP’s to be delivered per contracts dating through 2011.  To date, Fischer Panda has provided seven generators for the MLB program.

As the only true 100%, water-cooled asynchronous generators on the market, Fischer Panda stands apart from the competition. No other cooling system is more efficient.  The Fischer Panda generator can cool the stator winding with nearly 100-
percent efficiency due to the unique design of the asynchronous rotor that has no windings, no brushes or diodes. A conventional synchronous generator, on the other hand, can never achieve this level of efficiency because the rotor windings are cooled with air.  That same air is very hot and transfers considerable noise.  The air also carries humidity and dirt into the windings, which increases the resistance and thereby reduces electrical output.

The water-cooled Fischer Panda generators provide distinct advantages over air-cooled generators, in size, weight, noise and efficiency. Fischer Panda Generators has played a pioneering role in the design and manufacture of marine and vehicle generators for the past 32 years.

About Fischer Panda
In 1978 in Germany, Fischer Generators developed the quietest diesel generator in the world. That trend towards small, quiet and super efficiency was to continue, and in 1988, Fischer Generators added “Panda” to its brand and introduced its proprietary and water-cooled, asynchronous electric plant. Fischer Panda U.S., which began operations in 1995, is located at 4345 NE 12 Terrace in Oakland Park, Florida.  For more information, please call 954-462-2800 or access the company’s web site at www.fischerpanda.com.