Pompano Beach, FL – The US office for Aquila power catamarans has selected Fischer Panda Generators to outfit its new, custom designed Aquila 44.

The boat builder recently opted to go with the Fischer Panda 12 Mini DP, a compact yet robust generator driven by the reliable freshwater cooled Kubota D722 three-cylinder diesel engine, capable of producing a powerful 96 amps at 120 volts.  Ideal for sailboats and consumer packed powerboats, the 12 Mini DP weighs in at only 410 pounds and has a noise level rating of 54 dBa @ 7 meters.  It also comes with Fischer Panda’s technically advanced Voltage Control System (VCS).

The new Aquila 44, built by Sino Eagle Yacht Co. and distributed through MarineMax, was developed with placing advanced technology at the forefront of all design and build decisions.  From the hull shape, to the selection of materials and manufacturing process, every consideration of the Aquila 44 was aimed at continuing the pedigree first born through the Aquila 48.

“The Fischer Panda 12 Mini was an excellent fit for the Aquila 44 and we are excited to partner with them in the coming years to offer an exceptional product to our customers,” says Jean Raas of Sino Eagle USA.

Fischer Panda, through its US office, offers the only true 100%, water-cooled asynchronous generators on the market. The Fischer Panda generator can cool the stator winding with nearly 100- percent efficiency due to the unique design of the asynchronous rotor that has no windings, no brushes or diodes. A conventional synchronous generator, on the other hand, can never achieve this level of efficiency because the rotor windings are cooled with air.  That same air is very hot and transfers considerable noise.  The air also carries humidity and dirt into the windings, which increases the resistance and thereby reduces electrical output.

The freshwater-cooled Fischer Panda generators provide distinct advantages over air-cooled generators, in size, weight, noise and efficiency.

About Fischer Panda Generators:

Fischer Panda Generators has played a pioneering role in the design and manufacture of marine and vehicle generators for the past 35 years. In 1978 in Germany, Fischer Generators developed the quietest diesel generator in the world. That trend towards small, quiet and super efficiency was to continue, and in 1988, Fischer Generators added “Panda” to its brand and introduced its proprietary and water-cooled, asynchronous electric plant. Fischer Panda U.S., which began operations in 1995, is located at 4345 NE 12 Terrace in Oakland Park, Florida. For more information, please call 954-462-2800 or access the company’s web site at www.fischerpanda.com.