Military SST 10kW Single Phase

100% Fresh Water-Cooled

The new Fischer Panda SST 10kW Single Phase can best be described as small, quiet and powerful. Designed to fit within the HUMMWV SICPS System, the SST version has an extremely low decibel level of 57dBa at

7 meters. In addition, Fischer Panda generators are the only completely water cooled asynchronous generators available in the United States, that water cools both the engine and the alternator. The Fischer Panda rotor has no windings, brushes or diodes as is the case with conventional synchronous generators. The rotor is guaranteed for the life of the generator. With fewer moving parts, perfect rotor balance, a sealed long-life stator and a nearly perfect sine wave, the SST 10kW series is an ideal solution for all your mobile tactical shelter needs.