Fischer Panda AC 6500

100% Fresh Water-Cooled (Ignition Protected for gas boat applications)

When the Fischer Panda 4200 Plus is just not enough power, the Fischer Panda 6500 comes into play. Powered by the reliable freshwater-cooled freshwater-cooled Kubota Z482 twin cylinder diesel engine and 100% freshwater cooling of the Asynchronous electrical end. The Panda 6500 can produce up to 58 amps at 120 Volts. With a noise level rating of 52 dBa @ 7meters this is an extremely quiet operator. This generator is ideal for most sailboats up to 42 feet or powerboats up to 36 feet. It weights in at a fit 350 lbs.

Due to our continual product development, we reserve the right to alter any specifications without warning. All ratings refer to air and water temperature of 20°. De-rating at 1% approx. every 100m altitude and 2% approx. every 5°C air-temperature above 20°C and 2% approx. every 1°C water-temperature above 20°C.