Preventative Maintenance

Remember to frequently check your generator for leaks, corrosion and salt-build up. For new owners, ensure that you have a qualified technician check your generator after 35 hours. See your manual for details.

Here are some key things to be done before storage

  • Flush cooling systems with fresh water using a hose placed in the strainer allow running time
    of 5-10 minutes.
  • Place hose coming to strainer in a bucket containing biodegradable antifreeze, restart Generator run till mixture coming out exhaust.
  • Close thru hull fitting.
  • Open capsule leave upper latch between both halves to allow for air circulation.
  • Turn battery switch off

Upon re commissioning do the following

  • Replace raw water impeller
  • Check all hose & clamps
  • Open thru hull, turn battery switch on
  • Change oil
  • Replace fuel filters prime system fuel system, turn on panel unplug wire at oil pressure switch 3-5 minutes until fully bleed
  • Reconnect wire at oil pressure switch, start generator run without load 5-10 minutes, apply load & verify no leaks

Check List Every 100 Hours

  • Change motor oil
  • Change oil filter (where available)
  • Check fine particle fuel filter
  • Empty water separator from pre-fuel filter
  • Readjust valve clearance every 200 hours
  • Replace the valve cover gasket every 200 hours
  • Check all sensors & switches
  • Check all generator & engine screws for tightness
  • Check electrical cables
  • Check starter battery
  • Check fuel system including electrical fuel pump
  • Check and clean air intake manifold suction system
  • Check coolant and water hoses/change coolant once per year
  • Check raw water pump, impeller, water flow rate (gallons/minute)
  • Idle run voltage Volt:
  • Voltage under full Load Volt:
  • Current under full load Ampere:
  • Engine speed (RPM) no load Hz:

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