Fischer Panda fresh , marine diesel generators are and more than the conventional synchronous generators. Synchronous generators generally use air to cool the stator and rotor windings. Fischer Panda Generators uses a 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous stator winding and a magnetic rotor that has no windings, brushes or diodes. This unique fresh water-cooled design cools the stator with almost 100% efficiency, resulting in consistent power output. With the asynchronous designed generator end, we have fewer moving parts, which reduce the number of components that need to be maintained.

Fischer Panda AC marine generators are the only genuine fresh water-cooled, asynchronous generators built for marine applications. Fischer Panda is the only company to build generators with a 100% 25 fresh water-cooled asynchronous electric plant. This feat of engineering provides distinct advantages over air-cooled generators in size, weight, noise, fuel efficiency and performance.
Due to the unique design of the asynchronous rotor that has no windings, brushes or diodes, the Fischer Panda marine generator can cool the stator winding with nearly 100%25 efficiency. A conventional synchronous marine generator can never achieve this level of efficiency because the rotor windings are cooled with air. That same air is very hot and transfers considerable noise. This air will also bring humidity and dirt into the windings, which will increase the resistance and thereby reduce the electrical output. The Fischer Panda marine generator offers all of the classic advantages of asynchronous generator’s such as a high level of overload protection, operational safety, short-circuit protection, fewer moving parts, perfect motor balance, nearly perfect sine wave and a sealed long life stator. In addition, the Fischer Panda offers the atented VCS technology and integrated start booster with voltage precision and consistency.
Air-cooling requires a large surface area to dispense heat. By utilizing a small water-cooled housing the need for this surface area is eliminated, resulting in a generator that is dramatically smaller than a traditional synchronous generator. In fact, a Fischer Panda can be as much as 50% to 70% smaller than other generators with the same kW output. This has enabled boat manufacturers to put more powerful Fischer Panda generators into smaller spaces that would be much too small to install a traditional synchronous generator.
Air-cooling requires access to ventilation areas outside of the unit for cooling airflow. With the need for cooling airflow eliminated, Fischer Panda generators can be encapsulated in a three-piece insulated fiberglass sound shield (or a stainless steel option, standard in models 16kW and larger) to seal off the offensive sound. These lead/foam lined covers ensure very low decibel ratings. In fact, a generator report in Practical Sailor revealed that the Fischer Panda generator was as much as 11 decibels quieter than the next quietest equivalent generator. In practical terms, this is almost four times quieter!
Generators transform diesel power into electricity or heat. The more heat that is produced, the less electrical output. Water cooling, rather than conventional air cooling of the alternator is proving to be the most efficient method of keeping the temperature low. In the confined space of engine rooms the cooling air available to “air-cooled” generators is extremely hot, resulting in less efficiency in output. The Fischer Panda generator avoids this problem because it’s not recycling hot air. It always has a substantial amount of cool water to dissipate the heat, providing a higher continuous electrical output. In addition to these efficiencies, our fresh water-cooling eliminates the dirt and oil build up on the electric windings that eventually damage an air-cooled unit. In some instances our smaller kW units are so efficient that they can replace a larger (less efficient) air-cooled unit. As our diesel driven generators are very fuel efficient, we produce fewer pollutants. The Fuel consumption for AC generators about is 3/10 liter per Kilowatt / hour.

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